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The Magical Journey to Functional Wonderland

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Wandering developer, your next adventure awaits, and I know you’re ready because you’ve been ready since you wrote your first line of code.

This journey will bring you fame of course, and glory, sooo much glory. But above all else, this journey will take you to that lost magical place where the code you write speaks to you like a great melody can sound familiar even at the first listen.

It’s ok for you to be skeptical, most devs just care about writing simple code that works, but this seemingly academic topic is a shortcut towards that, not a distraction, as it will dramatically reduce the times you create code that doesn’t.

Do not postpone this journey

Many have put it off, in a futile attempt to master their craft first.

Do not make this mistake, this journey requires no credentials or academic recognition of your readiness.

Do not ask for permission.

All you need is the love of your craft that brought you here, and the inquisitive mind of someone for whom no leap is too far to reach truer grounds.

Do not mistake this journey for what it’s not

The path ahead is not about learning an alternative way of doing the same thing, this would not be a good use of your time. Rather, this journey is about recognizing how misguided some of the concepts we’ve held true have always been.

Going from the comfort of what you already know to the discomfort of what you don’t even realize you don’t know requires curiosity, but it also requires courage.

The first step is the hardest

Even if it seems like dark magic, you’ll very soon learn the basic spells, and those will be enough to make you a much better wizard.

It’s true that Functional Wonderland is vast and full of mysteries, but you don’t have to venture deep to reap the rewards, in fact you’ll get most of the value just from skirting its shores, and you will not be doing it alone.

Indeed, you will not be the first object oriented programmer to set sail, neither will you be the last, but for all that attempted this perilous but infinitely rewarding journey it always started in the same familiar place.

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